Your soul guides are waiting... to help you to love you to remind you of the divine spirit being you are

Your Soul Guides Welcome You

You no longer have to feel alone. Adrift. Unloved or unlovable. We are here. We have always been here, in your most joyous celebrations and your darkest despair. And we have guided you here because it’s time for you to reconnect with us.

Yes, reconnect. Because behind the veil of forgetfulness that comes with being incarnated into a body, you know us. It was you who asked us to guide you in this life. We have seen your true spirit, the brilliance with which you shine, and we are honored to be your guides.

We also understand that connecting with us can take patience and focus, both of which can be in short supply when you are balancing work, family, community, and self-care. (Yes, we know your self-care practice is in need of a boost. We can help with that too.) We will always offer you resources, and sometimes they’re best received from embodied people—those “with skin on.”

Availing yourself of those resources is never a weakness. Interdependency is a greater strength than independence. We know you are strong. You have made it this far. Let us help you reclaim your freedom, your confidence, and your clarity in the powerful spirit being you are.

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You've been through a lot... • On some level, you believe you're not deserving • You put everyone else before yourself • You think others' opinions count for more than yours • You've been wounded by a loved one • You may struggle with anxiety and/or depression • You have trouble asking for what you need • You feel like you don't belong, like you never fit in • You wonder if you have a purpose in life • You have pain around organized religion • You don't trust easily—even yourself HOW WILL GUIDES HELP? When you connect with your guides, you... • Understand your spiritual self • Understand that you are infinitely loved • See yourself as an expression of Source energy • Heal your wounds—emotional and spiritual • See the abundance that surrounds you • Honor yourself by asking for what you need • Get input from your guides about your highest good • Discern safe people and places • Experience confidence, clarity, and freedom • Trust yourself • Experience the love, laughter, and joy of guides I DON'T NEED GUIDES TELL ME MORE INTRO

Hi, I'm Sheyna

I am a natural-born clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient, and have been able to see and speak with guides since I was three years old. For decades, I hid this part of myself, only helping friends and family connect to their own guides. Now I’m offering to support you.


Why should you work with me?

Because I help you to connect and build a relationship with your own guides, so that ultimately, you won’t need to hire someone to tell you what your guides want you to know. I want to empower you to live your fullest life on your own terms.


Here’s what others have to say about working with me

Articles and Resources

Am I Worthy of Divine Guidance?

Photo credit: Ammodramus, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons   You’ve probably seen the memes: the text I have a feeling my guardian angel looks like this often and a photo of an angel statue facepalming. It’s meant as humor, self-deprecating though it often is, and it hides a very real fear that no...

What Are Soul Guides?

“Soul guides” is an umbrella term to encompass spirit guides, angels/messengers, ascended masters, animal spirits, ancestors, and Source/Spirit. Each one may have a different role to play in supporting you to experience what you’re here to experience. Here’s a brief description.

Anxiety and Living Fully

I don’t like anxiety. I’m not a big fan of apprehension, angst, and a bunch of other words that start with A. Maybe it’s because I grew up with it as a constant, or maybe it’s from the PTSD, or maybe it’s the genetic predisposition I have to OCD (an anxiety disorder), but it’s a part of my life....

Are Guides, Angels, or God Causing Covid-19?

Are guides and angels (or is God) causing the current novel coronavirus and Covid-19 in order to get our attention or to punish us?

What Guides Have to Say About Predicting the Future

I've been seeing a lot of conscious channelers* lately giving New Year's predictions for...I'm not sure. Their audience? The world? The universe? "Hear what your angels have predicted for the coming year!" they all proclaim. And that honestly didn't make sense to me, knowing what I know about free...

I have a relationship with God. Do I need to connect with my soul guides?

"I have a relationship with God, and I talk to God all the time. Do I still need to connect and develop a relationship with my soul guides?" The short answer: "That depends." Let's talk about definitions. And I'm asking my soul guides to chime in here, so a good part of what I'm writing is from...

Shouldn’t a Real Psychic Offer Their Gifts for Free?

 to “Real psychics should offer their God-given gifts for free.” I hear this a lot, and mostly from religious folks. Let’s talk about money. Very few want to, but money is necessary in our lives. It’s interwoven with happiness, safety, opportunity, personal growth, business, charity, etc. This...

What’s My Guide’s Name? About guides and their names

Perhaps more than any other question I'm asked, people want to know, "What's my guide's name?" For us as humans, names are a key part of our identities. It’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to use chosen names, whether it’s someone who has transitioned, someone who wants to distance...

I’m overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world. What should I do?

I’m overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world. What should I do? [A conversation with my spirit guides]

What is this whole soul guides thing, anyway?

Here in the Western world, what little most of us understand about guides is steeped in religion. And for those who have no interest in organized (or disorganized) religion, or those like me who have been wounded or betrayed by religion, religious answers are unhelpful, and can even be a turn-off.