You did it! You did more than just click a button. In that moment, you made yourself important. That’s worth celebrating. Because if you’re anything like me, you put everyone else first, and then, if you have time, and energy, and money left over, you can maybe focus on yourself for a bit.

You are absolutely worthy of being first in your own life. Just as you’re instructed to place your own oxygen mask on before assisting others, caring for your well-being first means that you’re in a better place when others ask for your help.


In an Illumination Session, which lasts about 45-60 minutes over a video call on Zoom (don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with it; it’s easy and free), we’ll shed some light on your spiritual life and whether building a relationship with your guides can give you the freedom, confidence, and healing that you are seeking.

First: Book an Illumination Session at a day and time that works for you here:

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Second: Answer the online questions below. These questions will help illuminate what’s going on in your life and give me a sense of whether or not what I offer may be a good fit for you. Do not feel that you need to censor yourself. I’m pretty sure there’s no limit to how much you can type in. Click Submit, and your confidential answers will wing their way to me via email. No one else will see them.

If I get the sense that I’m not the best person to help you (and my guides agree), I’ll contact you, in accordance with your answers below, within two business days to let you know, and to give you any referrals I may have, and we will cancel the Illumination Session.

This is not about “qualifying” to work with me or being “good enough.” It’s simply making sure that what I offer is in alignment with what you want to get. It doesn’t serve either of us if it isn’t a good fit.

And if it all looks good, I’ll see you at our call!

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