I consulted with Sheyna when I was at a crossroads with cancer treatment. Part of me wanted just to be “done.” Over 17 years & multiple surgeries, I wasn’t sure about facing 33 weeks of radiation.

Sheyna’s guidance helped me see things in perspective, let go of what was unnecessary, and reconnect to my center. I found it life giving, affirming, beautiful and resonant! I continue to reread it to feel centered in my purpose. I chose to do the radiation. At this time I am happier than I have ever been in my life. I am doing my work, using my gifts, and rejoicing that I can. I have a much wider perspective re the purpose of my life. I felt the information was accurate, and while having a universal application, really fit me. It was not predictive or manipulative and did not “tell” me what to do. Instead, it reminded me of the things that matter most to me, and helped me find clarity in the midst of confusion. Thank you Sheyna, for your guidance.

Melstiel Kline Novak-Winchester‎

I am blessed that Sheyna and I live in the same era, for because of them, I learned to connect with my guide and the spiritual world. Sheyna helped me reclaim a part of me that was suppressed by the rigid, scientific nature of university and ex-partner abuse; both of which put up huge walls. Since my university years, I was a hardcore Atheist, believing that only the physical reality existed and that there were no other worlds or afterlife nor were there spirits, spirit guides, angels, and the like. Yet, before, when I was a child and adolescent, I believed in a more complicated universe, where deities (and stories) came into creation because of human consciousness (à la American Gods) but also due to the inspirations of the Universe, or Source. Underneath that hardcore Atheist exterior was that same child, that same adolescent trying to bring forth the wonders of the Universe again...


It all began when I posted about an affinity with angels. I have always found angel wings fascinating and would have many items with such on them, even long before a show with two I love that would become my obsession. Sheyna had commented that that was no accident. My younger self, curious as always, messaged Sheyna to see what that comment meant. It was a message from my guide; Sheyna asked him about it and passed on his messages. Around the same time, I was experiencing the narrative visualization/empty chair technique with my affirming, supportive psychologist because I was grieving about the way a character treated another in my favourite show, for we felt the same way. The technique was strong for I could sense both orange and gold in the transfer of love from each other. It was unlike anything I had experienced before.


Back to Sheyna's messages; some were quite cryptic, including a reference to an orange tree in a parking lot, because I couldn't think of anything that resonated. However, I realized where the colour orange came from. It was one of the colours I associate with the aforementioned character and it came across in that session with my psychologist. As time went on, orange would continue to show up in other imagery and spiritual work. Sheyna had told me that the guides don't mind what you call them and that he had given me permission to call him after this character. As I was exploring this with my psychologist as well, she suggested that I merge the two (since I thrive on the 'tangible') if I so desire. I did... with < > added to distinguish between the two. Sometimes he DOES show up as the character, usually when comfort is necessary, and it is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.


I have met Sheyna in person too so I got to see their process. There was nothing scary or even crazy about it like one often thinks. I remember a part of me screaming about how this is all not real and begged for evidence... and my guide knew how to get across to me in a way that reconciled both the skepticism and the spiritual. It essentially went like this from my guide through Sheyna: "Have you heard of quantum mechanics?!". A strong seed was planted that evening and I recognized the world is so much more than our physical reality.


I would learn how to communicate with my guide by asking questions and realizing that meditation/visualization is the strongest method of connecting to the spiritual world. Additionally, I became familiar with my guide's signals and I would talk about that to Sheyna as well. When he wants me to pay attention or he is announcing his presence, he sends a strong and electrical signal down the left side of my body. It actually started with a wing hug (that I wasn't able to interpret as such but would find out later) and then when I went to a spiritual store, I would constantly feel these electrical signals. I then learned that the spirit world knows that for me to truly notice, they have to poke at me. It became so strong once and I didn't know what to do; the owner of the store said that I could ask them to turn the volume down. Sheyna had also said that I could do that. I did.


Eventually, my guide learned the volume that's just enough for me to notice and know the pattern. There are times when my guide does not respond to my questions and typically, I got annoyed until I learned that it's his way of saying, "This is not relevant now" or "This is not in your highest good" and not ignoring me. Since the first time he didn't respond I recall in great detail and it resulted in a reunion with a beloved animal, I no longer worry when he doesn't say a word. I have learned to trust him. He has a personality that works well with my own. Normally, I'm afraid of humour and can't stand it, but my guide's is beautiful and has me bursting in much needed laughter. He never puts me down. He even weaves humour with wisdom - I call them these 'nougats of wisdom' (because nougat is associated with the character I named him after). Sometimes, I can be a little snarky with him (mainly because I'm uncomfortable with most kinds of 'love') but it seems like he knows my intent and doesn't get offended.


Sheyna was and continues to be instrumental to my spiritual development. Most recently, I had been in what I called a spiritual crisis and was trying to put pieces together. I was not in the greatest state of mind and asked Sheyna for clarity as well as to ask my guide some questions. They did and it helped me come to peace while also recognizing that I have developed a strong connection and can communicate with him on my own even when I'm not at my best.


I highly recommend that anyone speak to Sheyna if they are curious, in a spiritual crisis, or want to learn how to connect with their own guides. Recognize that connecting with guides is not an overnight process nor is it always simple either. Learn to trust your own instincts that you've communicated with your guides, no matter how small or big your communication was; I'm still trying to accept this. Some guides are verbose, some are less talkative; but both are valid. They work with your own filters of the world and at your comfort level. My spiritual journey began in 2017 and I look forward to future developments which Sheyna has been a huge part of. Thank you, Sheyna! ❤️


I don’t believe I was ever an “ordinary” child. From the time I was very young, I was told I would do great things. Most might take that as a statement that parents usually make to their offspring as a way to encourage them, but I felt that their words were quite different than the ones other families would say.

I have experienced much trauma in my life, and I’ll confess there were times when I met my breaking point in horrible ways. Somehow, some way, I pulled through and went on. But I always felt that there was something...missing, as though I was harboring a hole where my heart should be.

I felt empty, useless, alone, and tangled up in my emotions, which would vary greatly from day to day. It was excruciating to live through so much sorrow, and I didn’t know how much more I could take.

I can very clearly recall the night I met my first guide. I had been talking with Sheyna, and I was describing how I felt comforted. I noticed a light around me that was all shades of blue. At first, my rational mind loudly shouted that I was going crazy, and to turn over and go to sleep instead of staring in wide-eyed wonder at this surprising brightness that gave off so much love. As soon as that thought came, I very clearly heard a voice. “Don’t you think childlike wonder is something you need to reclaim?”

I was stunned. Being religious, the only voice I had thought one could ever hear was God’s, and even then, only through reading the Scriptures, never audibly. But this...this was different, and I yearned for more of it. To my surprise, the light grew stronger, and danced across my fingers, up my arms, and wound around my shoulders. It felt like being hugged tightly, and I began to cry. I had felt love before, but somehow, it always came with a price: judgment and conditionality, usually. This was nothing like what I had experienced in my past, and then I heard the voice again.

“I’m not here to counsel you through that past. I’m here to help you step boldly into your future.”

By this time, I was wildly curious about who this voice belonged to. With Sheyna’s gentle nudging, I asked, and received a name that immediately invoked images of strength, kindness, and protection—everything I needed at that moment in my life.

When I opened myself up to this guide, I received confirmation of another only days later. This one surrounded me with boldness, the ability to speak truth (my own and others’), and a wild sense of fun and laughter, which were things I had nearly forgotten existed.

I will forever be grateful to Sheyna for her willingness to be open about her journey. I have become a completely different woman, and upon reflection, I can’t recognize the one I used to be. I will never return to that barren place. One of my guides is prone to telling me the following encouraging tidbit, and I hope that it helps someone who is searching: “You can look back and feel the harsh winds of regret, or you can face forward and feel the gentle breeze of possibility and hope.” With joy, love, and peace, Miriam.